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Work Injuries Discussed by Your Lake Worth Chiropractor

When you get a work injury, you want to address the underlying problems to help with your pain. Injuries from your work environment vary significantly based on your job and responsibilities. There are different risks of injuries associated with working in an office compared to working in a construction job. While the specific situations and areas may differ, certain injuries are a common risk for many adults.

Man injured at work

Common Injuries from the Workplace

The injuries you may face from your workplace fall into a few main categories, which include:

  • Ergonomic injuries
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Injuries from equipment or physical movements, such as heavy lifting
  • Back or neck injuries

When you have work injuries, you want to address the situation before it worsens. Some injuries may get worse without proper treatment. You also want to address the physical pain associated with an injury.

Ways Our Chiropractor in Lake Worth Helps with your Injury

Our chiropractor in Lake Worth helps with your injury by addressing the cause of your pain. In our clinic, we evaluate the situation before we recommend a treatment strategy. Since ergonomic injuries differ from equipment-related injuries, our treatments focus on the specific problem.

We identify and evaluate the injury before recommending a treatment plan. After identifying the situation, our chiropractor develops a custom strategy to help with your injuries. We may suggest a chiropractic adjustment to help with pain from poor posture or poor ergonomics in your work environment. We also use massage therapy to help reduce tension in your muscles and body.

When you have severe injuries from a slip and fall accident or an accident with workplace equipment, we may suggest physical therapy as part of your treatment plan. Our treatments vary based on your situation and the severity of your injuries. We may suggest a variety of strategies to help when you have concerns about your health.

When Should You Seek Treatment in Our Clinic

You want to seek treatment in our clinic when you get into an accident at work. We also suggest treatment if you notice chronic or recurring pain in your back and neck. Do not ignore the pain when it persists, gets worse or seems to come and go. It may relate to your lifestyle or specific problems with your work environment. By identifying the cause of your pain, you can take steps to reduce the discomfort.

Contact Your Lake Worth Chiropractor for More Information Today

Treating your pain from a work injury plays a key role in improving your quality of life. If you notice that you have chronic pain, then you want to work with our chiropractor to address your discomfort. To make an appointment, please call our office at 561-547-2210 today.