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Herniated Disc FAQs Answered by our Lake Worth Chiropractor

With years of practice, our team at Lake Worth Chiropractic & Wellness has helped many patients heal from herniated discs. Our Lake Worth chiropractor, Dr. Cacic, answers some frequently asked questions he receives about herniated discs.

Chiropractor talking to a patient about herniated discs

1. What are spinal discs?

Your spinal discs are in between vertebra in the spine. Spinal discs absorb forces in the spine and permit mobility and stability in the spinal column.

2. What is a herniated disc?

A herniated disc happens when the outer cartilage layer of the disc tears, through which some of the inner gel-like fluid of the disc leaks out and may encroach upon nearby joints, nerve roots, or other tissues. 

3. Who is at risk for a herniated disc?

Anyone can get a herniated disc, but because discs become less elastic with age, our risk tends to increase as we get older. 

4. What are the signs and symptoms of a herniated disc?

The signs and symptoms (and sometimes there are none) of a herniated disc are primarily related to the degree to which the injured disc interferes with a nearby connective tissue. Common herniated disc symptoms include:

  • Nerve pain (burning, searing, shooting, etc.) in an arm or leg innervated by a nerve impinged by the herniated disc
  • Numbness, tingling, and weakness in an arm or leg 
  • Pain and muscle tenderness over the level of the herniated disc
  • Decreased tolerance to sitting or activity

5. What can cause a herniated disc?

Herniated discs can appear to come out of nowhere. It often occurs due to a cumulation of factors such as poor posture, repetitive movement, poor nutrition, smoking, obesity, advancing age, physically demanding labor, or excessive sedentary behavior. Sometimes it can happen due to an acute trauma such as a slip, fall, or auto accident.

6. Is a herniated disc the same thing as a bulging disc or a slipped disc?

A slipped disc is a misnomer: there really is no such thing. Discs can bulge out of place (the inner gel substance gets abnormally squished and positioned but doesn't tear through the outer disc layer), herniate, or degenerate, but they don't "slip." 

7. How can a chiropractor help heal herniated discs?

A chiropractor can offer several types of natural herniated disc treatment which will help heal the injured disc, relieve pressure on spinal nerves and nearby structures, and increase core stability and body mechanics to prevent recurring injury. Such services may include:

  • Manual spinal decompression and adjustments
  • Massage therapy
  • Postural screens and ergonomic training
  • Corrective exercises

Wondering if Your Pain is Caused by a Herniated Disc? Contact Our Lake Worth Chiropractor for Natural Healing

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